Dr. Adams in the EUH Operating Room

Dr. Adams in the EUH Operating Room


We study the immune response to transplanted organs in order to improve transplantation as a therapy.

Our lab has four main areas of investigation (1) costimulation blockade and costimulation independent rejection (2) xenotransplantation (3) transplant diagnostics (4) transplant outcomes.

As a transplant surgeon and scientist, Dr. Adams is interested in developing the best therapies and diagnostics for transplant patients, by understanding the fundamental mechanisms of the immune system that give rise to organ rejection. As a graduate student, under the direction of Drs. Chris Larsen and Tom Pearson, Dr. Adams investigated the efficacy of costimulation blockade, and helped develop Belatacept, now a clinically available therapy for transplant patients. Belatacept leads to improved survival and kidney function for renal transplant patients. To learn more about what we are doing Check out our Research Page.

We are located at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia, in the Woodruff Memorial Research building. Our lab is connected to Emory University Hospital, and is composed of graduate students, post-doctoral research fellows, technicians and undergraduate students. We have active mouse, non-human primate, and clinical projects. Our research extends from basic science to transplant outcomes. Emory has the largest experience of any center using Belatacept, and that uniquely allows us to conduct large scale outcomes studies to better understand and optimize quality, access and cost for patients and the healthcare system. We are a collaborative group, with active projects with researchers both at our home institution (Emory), Georgia Tech and across the US.